About Us


When selecting a candidate you hire the person who has, through past performance, proven their ability to achieve goals. The same is true in selecting a search firm.

For over 30 years Adkins & Associates has established a track record of unapproachable success in serving the Fashion Industry. We have been chosen as the favored search firm by many of the most successful and leading firms in this industry

Why do so many top firms come to us when they have a critical need for senior management?

Because we get the job done.
How do we get the job done?
By using our unique structured process.

Our process is the most thorough and detailed in the search business. It is based on a few sound and proven principals that ensure the highest probability of hiring the candidate absolutely capable and motivated to achieve the goals we have defined.

We measure more statistics than major league baseball

America’s leading companies,in all industries, set the bar very high, going through rigorous self-examination and using “process engineering” to fine tune every step of their operation. Their goal: to maximize efficiencies and optimize results. That’s exactly what we did in the early years and still do today. We perform extremely detailed process engineering and incorporate huge amounts of research and feedback from the brightest minds in our industry to constantly refine our process. To make this work takes an internal commitment to being the best. It involves constantly thinking about being the best, talking about doing the best work, and formalizing the procedures that will make our process consistently the best every time.

Our process, called the 10-phase plan, is designed to achieve two objectives:

1. After an exhaustive search looking at every possible target, we gather the evidence that reveals the best candidate’s absolute capability of achieving the goals necessary to be an outstanding success in the position. This is based on the fact that people behave in the future like they have behaved in the past. Our best candidate will have proven they can do this job by having done this job in an outstandingly successful way in the past.Our task at Adkins & Associates is to gather the evidence that reveals true capability.

It’s hard to talk to someone for an hour and predict what they will do for the next five years. That’s why, before this one-hour interview meeting, we thoroughly do our homework. We understand how to cut through the blizzard of unimportant facts and discover the real indicators that show the candidate’s true capability. Most important, we help our clients discover the real problems to solve and goals to be achieved by their new employee.

2. We determine what the candidate truly wants to do as the next step in their career. This is not easy, because many people want to play their true intentions and hopes very close to the vest. With patience and experience the layers slowly peal back and the true feelings come to the surface. We never try to talk anyone into a position they are not totally sure about. The candidate must “sell us” on her/his strong desire to do this job before we will consider telling our client company about them.

Our seasoned and veteran staff of fifteen people is located in a single location in Greensboro, N.C., and has an average tenure of over ten years. Our people have an unyielding dedication to serving our clients because we all know that if the candidate wins, and the company wins, we automatically win. If either of those two parties lose, it’s guaranteed that we lose. We decided a long time ago that if we spend our time representing the top 10% of candidates and the top 10% of companies we will satisfy our clients, they will comeback for more, and we will be successful.

You’ve already figured out that we put great weight on looking at the evidence. Therefore, it will not surprise you when you see evidence that proves the success of this approach:

90% of our offers results in a hire.
88% of our placements are with repeat clients.
58% of our placements are the first candidate interviewed.

The Adkins “Five Principles”

There are five guiding principals that are the cornerstone of our philosophy and approach at Adkins & Associates. Those five principles are:

We will be #1 in our market.
We will do the very best work for our customers.
We will be fair and honest and always tell the truth.
We will be fair and honest with our co-workers and support their efforts to be successful.
We will have fun.

We hope to find candidates and companies that are just like us — those who strive very hard to be the best they can be at who and what they are. Who are capable of defining goals they want to achieve and are successful in achieving them. Who treat their co-workers and customers ethically and respectfully. Who are never satisfied at the level they have attained, but are constantly thinking and learning how to get even better.

We have learned that, when you do those things, you will certainly have lots of FUN and SUCCESS in your career!